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Large German Shepherd Ash

We are located near beautiful Gettysburg, PA.  For those located a distance from us, for an added fee we can possibly meet partway or fully deliver your puppy, depending on your location.  Please inquire as to availability, call 717-677-6451, fill out our form above, or email gsd@mcnew.org.


Below please find a few testimonials from past puppy customers of Pioneer German Shepherds. More reviews can be found on our Pioneer German Shepherds Facebook pages.

Claudia O'Leary reviewed Pioneer German Shepherds - May 10, 2014
Best, most outstanding looking and best, overall, temperament- dog I have ever owned-and I used to breed Labs myself. None of my dogs could come close to Buck!

Pioneer German Shepherds Reviews - Buck

Missy Plaza reviewed Pioneer German Shepherds - May 2, 2015
We bought a puppy from Pioneer 6 years ago he is the best dog ever. His temperament is beyond any dog I have owned. I would not hesitate to buy a dog from them again. They were great to deal with, I highly recommend them if you are looking for a German sheperd!!

Pioneer German Shepherds Reviews - Buck

Kathy Clayton reviewed Pioneer German Shepherds - May 3, 2015
I received cali two years ago from Pioneer German shepherds after much research ...it was the best decision I ever made ..she is an awesome pup ! Smart ..great temperament. .just over all outstanding gsd ...would not hesitate to recommend or purchase another ..thanks gennie!!!!

Pioneer German Shepherds Testmonials - Cali

Mandy Walter-Beam reviewed Pioneer German Shepherds - March 5, 2016
We have purchased 2 shepherds from Pioneer Shepherds and they are by far the best dogs we've ever had. Gentle giants, with even temperments and exceptional manners. Would highly recommend a dog from any of JASON & Gennie's litters.

Pioneer German Shepherds Testimonials - Cinder and Micah

Carisa Fantozzi Parson reviewed Pioneer German Shepherds - March 11, 2016
We got Musha from Pioneer German Shepherds in March 2007, she is a joy! Musha attracts a lot of attention at the dog park, she is the talk of the town. Very lovable and loyal. Protective and gentle too! Best decision we ever made.

Pioneer German Shepherds Reviews - Musha

Marcie N Mike Flemming recommends Pioneer German Shepherds - November 28, 2018
Atreyu is a wonderful boy... Ever since I first met him, he has always given me big sloppy kisses... Wouldn't trade him for the world!

Pioneer German Shepherds Reviews - Atreyu

Karen Veradt-Robicheau reviewed Pioneer German Shepherds - November 28, 2018
We traveled from MA to bring Gemini into our home in 2008, she is Ash and Greta's daughter. We love her so much. Gennie and her family were so sweet and so protective of the puppies and all the dogs they have and did a great job with interviewing us and making sure we were the perfect family for Gemini. They have a beautiful house and property and cute kids and you can 100% feel the love they give to their dogs. Trust me, this is where you want to find your forever furry friend ~ GSD !!! Robicheau Family, Stoughton Ma.

Pioneer German Shepherds Reviews - Gemini

Douglas Gilette to Pioneer German Shepherds - December 2, 2018
Our boy Gino. Son of Ash. He has been amazing for over three years now. Very protective but has a very loving temperament once he knows you. We get many compliments on his size, ( averages around 135 lbs ) and his beautiful blonde plush coat.

Pioneer German Shepherds Reviews - Gino

Please view our Facebook page to read others as well as see some more pictures of our doggies!


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Are you searching for your next family member?  We focus on healthy, purebred German Shepherds that are large, straight backed, sweet tempered, intelligent and calm - the perfect family companion!

As a note, many people assume that we are King Shepherd or Shiloh Shepherd breeders.  These dogs are different than ours as they are comprised of breeds other than the German Shepherd.  King Shepherds can contain Great Pyrenees, Akita, Alaskan Malamute, etc.  Shiloh Shepherds contain Alaskan Malamute and possibly other breeds as well.

While our dogs do share some of the same giant German Shepherd ancestors as Shiloh Shepherds and King Shepherds, we do NOT have King Shepherd or Shiloh Shepherds nor do we offer King Shepherd or Shiloh Shepherd puppies.

German Shepherd Puppies currently available!

Please contact us at the form below, email us or call 717-677-6451 for more information on our gorgeous German Shepherd puppies available out of health tested parents to quality companion homes.  While our puppies are not cheap - a quality family companion is PRICELESS -  we do have a range of pricing available, please let us know your budget.  Older puppies and young adults occasionally available. 

  • Health: Our breeding dogs are health tested before having puppies.  Current testing on our German Shepherds may include hip x-rays (veterinary evaluations, OFA hip testing, Pennhip testing), OFA elbows, TLI testing for exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, OFA cardiac certification, degenerative myelopathy testing.  While this helps to ensure healthy puppies are produced, sometimes an issue can still arise.  In the unlikely event that your puppy develops a genetic issue, they come with a two year guarantee that never requires you to return your puppy.
  • Longevity: As of approximately March 2018, the American Kennel Club lists the life expectancy of a German Shepherd to be between 7-10 years of age.  Many of the dogs in our lines have lived well beyond this and tend to average 10-13+ years.  Our foundation male Ash, who is in many of our dogs, was 145 pounds and lived to be over 14 years of age.  He is pictured in the Youtube video below.
  • Straight-backed: Unlike the dogs that are seen in the American Kennel Club or German show rings, our dogs tend towards less angulation than a typical "show shepherd", but instead are reminiscent of German Shepherds from the 50s and 60s like Rin Tin Tin and because of this, are known as "old fashioned German Shepherds".
  • Family Oriented Temperament: Unlike German Shepherd Dogs bred for the show ring or as police/military/working dogs, our focus is on quality family companions - we do NOT do any bitework and our dogs tend towards lower drives than a GSD bred to be a working animal.
  • Impressive Size and Beauty: While not our main focus, our dogs tend to be larger than the standard German Shepherd Dog, with males ranging anywhere from 100-145+ pounds at maturity, and females anywhere from 80-110+ pounds when fully grown after the age of 3.  However, size never takes precedence over health and temperament.