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Posted below are some example images of our large German Shepherds.  These dogs may be our current breeding dogs, retired breeders, as well as large German Shepherds we have produced in the past.  The dogs pictured here would be relatives to any of the puppies produced by us, if not directly from them.  Our large German Shepherds have had various health tests before breeding, including hips (x-rays, OFA, or PennHip), elbows, TLI testing for exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, degenerative myelopathy testing (DM testing), OFA cardiac certification.  View our current breeding dogs page at this link.

Dogs pictured here are definitely considered large German Shepherds!  Some of the females owned by us have weighed up to 120 pounds, with the average for a female produced by us usually 90-110+ at maturity.  The largest female we have produced is 147 pounds.  Some of the males have been 140 pound German Shepherds, or even exceeding this, and over 32" at the shoulder!   The minimum size for a male is usually at least 100 pounds, but most of the time much more than that and they usually average 115-135 pounds at full maturity.